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Learning to be a decent person and how to do things well are key elements of educational philosophy in North America. The development of global education has come with increased pressure on students, from elementary school to university, as they have sought to find effective, innovative ways to overcome this in pursuit of success. Because of this, it has come to be crucial than ever for students to have developed appropriate self-discipline, goal-orientedness, and awareness of what it means to achieve outstanding academic performance, as they follow through with advanced academic planning that leads them on clear, well-chosen career paths in the future.

Each year, Berton College helps dozens of students enter some of the most famous universities in America—including Yale, U Penn, Cornell, Chicago, NYU, Berkeley, UCLA, Washington —and all top Canadian universities, including University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, McGill, Queen’s, Waterloo, Western, Alberta, Calgary, McMaster, Ottawa, SFU, Victoria, etc. Our extensive support throughout the application process will help you achieve your dreams.

  • Enabling student to develop and maintain a positive attitude toward learning, while learning the strategies necessary to improve and excel as learners

  • Assisting students to make appropriate course selections in regular school year and summer school;  

  • Assisting students to arrange after school course tutoring and provincial exam preparation sessions, with flexibility of time guaranteed (tutoring fee calculated additionally);

  • Providing students with AP/IB plans with exam preparation help as needed (tutoring fee calculated additionally);

  • Monitoring students to get a language score that qualifies them for academic and career opportunities in a time manner (language training fee calculated additionally);

  • Introducing students to appropriate volunteering, social work or summer job opportunities if needed;

  • Regular monthly meeting with students and parents, to summarize progress and give advice accordingly;

  • Assisting by attending school parent meetings and provide translation service if necessary;

  • Regularly checking student’s report cards, school quizzes and other academic scores;

  • Helping students choose universities and majors;

  • Helping students effectively compose personal statements, essays or study proposal, etc;

  • Assisting students to get recommendation letters if necessary;

  • Offering application interview preparation and follow-up services 

Our professional team

Edward Zhang, Ph.D., President

Graham Johnson, Ph.D., UBC Professor of Emeritus 

Alan Hopkins, M. Ed., Vice President

Gareth Jones, former private school principal, Chief Instructor

Clara Shih: Counsellor 

Doris Lu: Counsellor

Olivia Mo: Administrator 

5 service packages for students and parents: 

Plan A: Grade 12 package

Plan B: Grade 11-Grade 12 package

Plan C: Grade 10-Grade 12 package

Plan D: Grade 9-Grade 12 package

Plan E: Grade 8-Grade 12 package

Of key importance in all of this is that new immigrants and their children, as they seek to gain a credible understanding of the impact of environment change, language barriers, generation gaps, adolescence issues, contrasting educational philosophies, and nature of interpersonal relationships in overseas societies, get the necessary professional academic counseling and assistance that will establish a sound, solid foundation for their lives. And so, to better assist students in this, we offer a range of service packages to facilitate academic counseling, in course tutoring, university application, and career guidance. All of the services aim to do the following: 

Enabling the development of the student as a whole person: 

(1) Supporting success in academic performance, athletics, music, fine arts, community activities & service

(2) Helping families with different backgrounds work within effective parental expectations

(3) Creating both short term and long term plans of study

(4) Enabling the student to make the most of university application plans 

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